GoodSam Medical Center Cabanatuan and Gapan are the only hospitals in Nueva Ecija that are partners with Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. Healthcare practices for patient care that are among the best in the Philippines are adopted within Mount Grace network of hospitals.

EMERGENCY 24/7 CALL: (044) 951-8888
  • CALL HOTLINES: Cabanatuan Branch: (044) 951-8888
  • Gapan Branch: (044) 486-2363 to 64
Patient & Visitor Guide

HMO Guide

Step 1

If you have a Health Insurance Card, proceed to the HMO office which is located in front of the Billing Section. You may ask the lobby receptionists or guard for assistance.

Step 2

Present the insurance health card to the HMO representative. The HMO representative will check for the accredited physicians before issuing the consultation form.

Step 3

Make sure that the consultation form is signed by both the HMO representative and HMO member before proceeding to the doctor.

Step 4

The consultation form must be given to the secretary of the attending doctor prior to consultation. The secretary will be the one to return the form to the HMO representative by the end of the day.

HMO Partners

We have partnered with some of the biggest and most trusted HMO companies to make healthcare more convenient and accessible for you. Know our HMO Partners. For questions and inquiries, call our hotline (044) 951-8888.


CALL US: (044) 951-8888


EMERGENCY: (044) 951-8888


EMERGENCY (044) 486-2363 to 64