GoodSam Medical Center Cabanatuan and Gapan are the only hospitals in Nueva Ecija that are partners with Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. Healthcare practices for patient care that are among the best in the Philippines are adopted within Mount Grace network of hospitals.

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Patient Guide

Patient & Visitor Guide

Step 1

Any relative of the patient should first proceed to the Admissions Counter and present the Admission Request Form to the admitting clerk.

Step 2

The admitting clerk will provide information form for the patient to be completed by a relative.

Step 3

Present the health insurance card to the HMO clerk to be informed of the room rates and other important information.

Step 4

The admitting staff will present the available rooms and let the patient or relative decide on the room of choice.

Step 5

The relative of the patient will be given two (2) pieces of paper to be handed over to:
(1) the security guard in exchange for a gate pass, and
(2) to the ER nurse

Step 6

The admitting staff will then inform the ward of the new patient admission. The relative of the patient will be advised to proceed to the PHILHEALTH section for requirements.

Step 7

The relative of the patient will be advised once the room has been prepared and the patient is ready for transfer.


CALL US: (044) 951-8888


EMERGENCY: (044) 951-8888


EMERGENCY (044) 486-2363 to 64